Media Interview Tips Course

You’ve gotten yourself booked to be interviewed on radio, TV, a podcast, or some other media.
Now learn how to maximize that opportunity for optimum returns for your business, product, 
or service.

What you’ll learn

A necessary preparation that’s not
just for singers
Homework to do in advance of your
A habit that you will likely have to break
What can actually backfire on you
A behavior skill as important as talking
Resources for where you can find
interview opportunities
Where you shouldn’t be spending
Who to pitch first to get interviewed
What to know about your attire as
an interviewee
An email no-no
A hack for website and email
A backhanded compliment to avoid

Meet Your Instructor

Bruce Wawrzyniak The Instructor
Listeners in 160-plus countries
Award-winning podcaster
Hundreds of celebrity interviews
Has hosted 4 different podcasts
Now Hear This Entertainment PodcastCatholic Sports Radio
Bruce Wawrzyniak is the host and creator of Now Hear This Entertainment and Catholic Sports Radio
Bruce Wawrzyniak has been a broadcaster on radio, TV and the Web, plus, since the start of 2014, he has hosted well over 800 podcast episodes – all in an interview format. Bruce’s long-running “Now Hear This Entertainment” is one of the top two percent most popular shows out of more than 3.2 million podcasts globally. He also worked in the National Hockey League as well as in a VP role at the league office for another professional sport, plus he worked in the Olympic Movement. In addition, as a publicist, he has run his own agency for well over a dozen years, serving clients throughout the U.S. Thus, he has extensive experience with all facets of interviews – as the host, as the guest, and as the go-between, facilitating interviews for professional and Olympic athletes and coaches and executives, plus working with local, national and international media, not to mention interviewing some big names in music and sports himself.

Course content

Introduction to the course

Interview Tips 1-12

Interview Tips 13-25

Where to Get Leads



"Bruce lined up television and radio interviews to get us exposure, both locally and nationally... We are pleased with the professional service we have received from Bruce and recommend him without hesitation."
Sharron Cosby
"There is simply nobody better when it comes to helping you prepare for an interview. I sold out a theater for a showing of my short film, and it is because of the promotional and interview skills I learned from Bruce."
Dalton Burdette
"The best decision I ever made was letting Bruce handle my bookings and other special media coverage."
Ella Chadwell

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I find a course out there similar to this one that is free? Will you refund my money?

Sadly, it is very true when they say, “You get what you pay for.” If someone is offering a course like this one (and there really doesn’t seem to be much of anyone doing something similar), be wary. If they’re giving it away for free it’s likely because they just want your email address and they also want to, as a result, try to sell you something (and probably something after that, and maybe even something after that). With the Interview Tips course on this site that you’re on now, there is no second, third, or fourth product that you’ll be pitched during checkout.

Can I take this course on a mobile device or just my laptop or PC?

Since the course is overwhelmingly video based, you can play it anywhere you typically watch videos. Remember that there are handouts that go with the course, though, which you’ll want to download and save somewhere and/or print off for handy reference.

How long will it take me to put into practice what I learn in this course?

The early bird gets the worm. In other words, your only limitations will be whatever you put upon yourself. Once you’ve gone through this course, you’ll be immediately ready to apply what you’ve learned to start pursuing more interviews and then leveraging them.

Who can this course help?

Actors. Authors. Entrepreneurs. Singers and musicians. Spokespeople/experts. Inventors. Comedians. The list goes on! If you’re someone who gets interviewed or should be interviewed and/or you have a business, product, or service to sell, this course will help.

What if I’ve never been interviewed before?

No problem at all. This course will definitely help you since you don’t have any bad habits to try to get out of and you need and want the experience of getting interviewed! This course will help anyone, whether they’ve never been interviewed, have done a fair amount, or are someone who gets interviewed regularly!

What’s wrong with just winging it and going into interviews as I am?

You’re going to waste your time and the interviewer’s time. This course will prepare you so that you can leverage your opportunities to turn into more sales, more bookings, more connections – more benefits to you for the time that you put into doing interviews!

What payment method(s) can I use to purchase the course?

You can use PayPal, which also allows for debit or credit card use – without a PayPal account!


This course includes:
On-demand video
Accompanying lists ready for you to print
Accessible across multiple devices
Contact information to reach the instructor
Tips from an expert in public relations, media and broadcasting
Additional resource available upon request
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